Evaluation Services

At Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. we analyze foreign academic credentials to establish the equivalent degree, credits or years of study that would be awarded in the U.S. educational system, at different levels of education. Among others, an evaluation is generally required for the following uses:

  • Academic Study

  • General Employment

  • Immigration Purposes

  • Military Service

  • Professional Licensing
An evaluation indicates the foreign document(s) submitted, the years of study, the date when the document(s) was/were issued, the degree(s)/title(s) obtained, and establishes a comparison to the equivalent studies/degree(s) in the U.S. education system.

Due to the differences between U.S. and foreign education systems, the evaluations do not necessarily equal the same number of credits, years of study, grades and degrees/titles granted in the original country.

It is the obligation of the client to confirm with the receiving institution or organization that they accept AES evaluations as well as the type of evaluation required.

Types of Evaluations

If you are not sure which evaluation to choose, please contact the institution/agency to receive the evaluation/translation to confirm their requirements.

General Evaluation
  • Level of study: available for all levels of study

  • Includes: Establishes the US equivalent degree or years of study; does NOT include a course-by-course analysis nor a grade-point-average. (GPA)

  • Common uses: immigration, employment, military service, and for admission to community colleges or universities when a grade-point-average (GPA) is not requested

  • Cost: $100; RUSH $200

Grade Evaluation

  • Level of study: high school / secondary education level documents ONLY

  • Includes: Establishes the US equivalent degree or years of study for high school or secondary school documents ONLY plus the grade-point-average (GPA).

  • Common uses: admission to an associate degree program or to a bachelor's degree program when the institution requests to know the grade-point-average (GPA)

  • Cost: $155; RUSH $310

Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Level of study: higher education / university level documents; high school / secondary documents evaluated at this level upon request

  • Includes: Establishes the US equivalent degree or years of study for higher education documents submitted plus a course-by-course analysis including credits, US equivalent grades and grade-point-average (GPA); courses follow original transcript order.

  • Common uses: admission to a bachelor's degree program, master's degree program or to a doctoral degree program; credits earned may be transferred into a US degree program at the discretion of the institution to which you are applying for admission

  • Cost: $225; RUSH $450

Comprehensive Evaluation for Professional Boards

  • Level of study: higher education / university level documents ONLY

  • Includes: Establishes the US equivalent degree or years of study for higher education documents submitted plus a course-by-course analysis including credits, US equivalent grades and grade-point-average; whenever possible, courses are organized by fields of study.

  • Common uses: professional licensing, such as teacher certification, and CPA boards, amongst others

  • Cost: $300 / RUSH $600

Translation Services

Each academic document to be evaluated must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the document was not issued in English. The process of translating a document from a foreign language into English is a separate from the evaluation process and therefore, requires a separate fee.

The translation fee for all languages is $50 per page; RUSH $100 per page. The front and back of a document are considered two separate pages. We reserve the right to charge for additional pages of translations for documents with excessive amounts of texts or images. One page is generally estimated to have up to approximately 250 words. Determination of final cost will be made when documents are reviewed in our office.

We are happy to accept translations from third parties, however, all translations must be provided by individuals whose credentials include one of the categories below:

  • Individual certified as a translator in the United States (ATA Member in Good Standing/Court Exams, etc.); a copy of the certification must be attached to the translation; each page of the translation must be signed.

  • Foreign national certified as a translator in the country of origin (for example, Traductor Publico, Tradutor Juramentado)

  • Companies that are members of ATA (American Translators Association), must submit all pages of the translations in letterhead and have the translator's qualification (translator certification) attached to the translation submitted. Translations must be submitted after thorough proofreading has been done; otherwise, translations will not be accepted. Cover letters are not necessary.

Please ensure that if your documents have not been issued in English and you are submitting a translation, that all translations provided are from individuals whose credentials meet the above requirements.

Unacceptable Translations
  • Translations are not accepted when done by the client or by any individual who is competent in both the native language and in English, but who is not certified as a translator.
  • Translations must NOT contain logos of institutions, Coat of Arms of nation states, or any other protected image. Translations submitted with these items will not be accepted
  • Under no circumstance do we accept a translation done by a US Public Notary.
  • Copies of translations are not accepted. They must be original or sent directly to AES.


Verification Services

Academic Evaluation Services verifies the authenticity of academic documents with the issuing institution or authoritative body as required, requested, or deemed necessary by the evaluator.

  • If your file requires verification the time frame for completion is dependent on the response time of the verifying institution and cannot be estimated by AES.

  • This service is REQUIRED in the following instances:
    • Any document from any country if the evaluator determines additional verification is necessary.
    • Any country if the institution for which the evaluation is requested requires this service.

  • The fee for verification services is $50 per institution. This fee is in addition to evaluation fees. There is no RUSH fee for verification services as we cannot guarantee the timing of a response.

  • This office reserves the right to investigate and verify any document under suspicion of fraud, alteration, or inaccuracies.

  • AES has the professional obligation to notify NACES members and take legal action in the case of suspected/confirmed/fraudulent/altered/inaccurate documents submitted.

  • Rush Services

    • RUSH services are usually completed within three to five business days after all required documents and all fees have been received.
    • The cost for RUSH services is an additional 100% of the fees to be paid for the evaluation and/or translation selected.
    • RUSH services are available to all clients, however, if your file requires verification, the time frame is dependent on the response time of the verifying institution. The file will be completed within three to five business days from the verification response date if the documents are verified as authentic.


    Additional Institution / Official Copies

    • You may request additional official copies at anytime for $35 per copy (for clients from 2012 to current). Delivery fees apply to each copy requested.

    • Additional copies must be requested through your online account. Please log into your account here.

    • Requests for additional copies submitted after the evaluation has been completed will be processed from 1 to 5 business day. Rush services are not available for extra copy requests.

    • Requests for extra copies submitted during the evaluation process will be completed at the same time as the initial evaluation.

    • If your previous evaluation was completed in 2011 or prior the fee is $50 per copy, plus delivery fees. If this applies to you, please complete our Extra Copy Request Form. Please do not use this form if you already have an online account as this will delay processing.

    Updated Evaluation

    • If your evaluation was previously completed by AES, you may request that we reopen your file to add documents to your previous evaluation or to update the level of the evaluation previously completed.
    • Complete our Update Application and send it to us with any new documents to be evaluated. A new evaluation fee is required for each update request.
    • Please do not submit a new online application as this will delay the processing of your file.

    Delivery Options

    • Each evaluation includes one unoffical "Client eCopy" and one institution/official copy. The Client eCopy is for the client records and the institution copy is intended for an institution of your choice.

    • The Client eCopy is for the client's records only and may not be shared with others for any reason.

      • The Client eCopy is unofficial, not for institution use and is clearly marked as such with the use of watermarks to prevent unauthorized use.
      • Printing and editing are disabled to ensure the integrity of the document.
      • This copy is issued in pdf format with password protection for the client’s privacy.
      • Your unofficial evaluation will be emailed for FREE to the email address on file.

    • The institution copy is an official version intended for an institution of your choice. Clients have the option of a paper or efile copy; delivery fees apply.

    • Check your institution’s requirements regarding official copies. Most institutions require evaluations to be sent directly from our office and some may not accept emailed evaluations. AES is not responsible for unaccepted evaluations.

    • Within our application clients will have the following options for the institution copy.

      • Paper copy - Mail the institution/official copy directly to an institution.
      • Paper copy - Mail the institution/official copy to me.
      • E-file copy - Email the electronic institution/official copy directly to an institution.
        • Please ensure your institution will accept electronic evaluations via email and provide a valid institution email address.
        • This copy will not be sent to the client under any circumstances. If you require the institutional copy to yourself, you must select the paper copy option.

    • Delivery fees are as follows:
      • efile Delivery: $15
      • Domestic Shipping (with the US): $40
      • International Shipping: $60


    • Academic Evaluation Services is not liable for any delays, loss, or damage incurred by shipping carrier.

    • An additional shipping fee is required to return original documents and for diplomas submitted in a separate tube or any oversized document.

    • All shipments include tracking information sent to the email address on file.

    • When we return original academic documents, the package requires an adult signature to receive.

    • FedEx requires signatures for all business addresses; residential addresses will not require signature unless an original academic document is included with the evaluation.

    • Most domestic shipments are carried by FedEx and arrive within 1 business day; PO Box, APO and FPO addresses, and diploma tubes or large boxes are carried by USPS Express or Priority Mail.

    • Most international shipments are carried by FedEx and should arrive within 3 to 5 business days, in most cases. In rare cases, DHL will be used.

    • If you will not be available at the expected delivery date, follow instructions in the carrier email notification to reschedule delivery or pick up.

    • All timelines are provided by the carriers and are not guaranteed by AES.

    • NOTE: Due to country specific restrictions on shipping from the United States, we are unable to send packages to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Syria. Additional countries not listed here may have temporary restrictions. If you live in one of these countries and send us original documents, you will need to provide an address in a different country for us to return your documents. Unfortunately, these restrictions are beyond our control.